Think You May Have Kidney Stones? Now What Do You Do?

If you think you may have kidney stones don’t just suffer through it. Come in and see me or at least give me a call. I know your neighbor’s grandma’s uncle’s friend probably has an old home remedy for passing stones, but don’t go that route. If left untreated kidney stones can develop into a more serious problem. Also, by the time you spend trying various home remedies that ultimately don’t work. You could have already been in, out, and on your way feeling better much quicker. Just Saying!


More Sex, Better Sex – The #1 Reason a Vasectomy is Right For You

Let’s examine the #1 reason a man should consider a vasectomy. MORE FREQUENT BETTER SEX!!! Do I have your attention? Think I’m crazy or just a man fighting for a cause? Let’s dive into this a little deeper.

Urology during COVID-19: Are We Back to Normal or is Telemedicine Here to Stay?

COVID-19 has led to quarantines, social distancing and binge watching The Tiger King on Netflix. We are in strange times.

Ready To Get Your Enlarged Prostate Symptoms Under Control?


Shorten your learning curve, make the most of your resources, an maximize your impact both online and off.


Is a Vasectomy Painful? - The Most Common Vasectomy Myths

Have you ever searched the internet to learn about a medical procedure but felt more confused than before you started? Many of my patients turn to Dr. Google for medical information. Unfortunately it’s difficult to sort fact from fiction

What is a urologist? (Better yet, WHY ARE YOU A UROLOGIST?)

A urologist is NOT a “butt doctor.” I get this question a lot, usually as I am preparing a man for his prostate exam. To be clear, I do not work with poop. So what exactly do I treat?

The Top 10 Reasons a Telemedicine Visit is BETTER Than a Regular Office Visit

Our medical system is broken. I know this may not come as a shock to many of you. But for those who need convincing, let me share the truth of the situation. Here are some of the alarming trends:

Dr. Pazona Drinking Water For Kidney Stone Prevention

The Best Way to Prevent Kidney Stones . . . Water, Water and Water!

“Doc … how do I NEVER go through this again!?” The answer is simple and yet surprisingly difficult to hear.

About the Author

Doctor Joseph Pazona is the founder of Pazona MD, a specialty urology practice located in Nashville, TN. He has been published in medical journals on the topic of urology & authored several consumer ebooks on a variety of urologic conditions in addition to the topics of telemedicine, and continuing medical education (CME). When he’s not treating patients or writing he enjoys traveling, hiking, running, cooking, and spending time with his three children and fiancé, Catherine.