Dr. Pazona Gets Featured in Good Housekeeping and Women's Day Magazines

"Many women think urinary incontinence is something they have to live with. Others are embarrassed to ask their doctor about the condi- tion or fear a diagnosis will lead to invasive surgery,”.....


Television Interview with Dr. Pazona on News Channel 5 Talk of The Town

 "If you suffer from incontinence and think that's just a part of getting older, think twice. On today's segment we re joined by urologist, Dr. Joseph Pazona, we talk about possible treatment options." 

Journalist for The Franklin Prosperity Report Requests to Quote Dr. Pazona for Publication

What You Need to Know About Virtual Doctor’s Visits

By Jill Schildhouse

Kiplinger.com features Dr. Pazona in an Article About Telemedicine

What Retirees Must Know About Telehealth: The coronavirus has elevated the benefits and potential savings of telehealth like nothing before.

By Mark Stein 

Dr. Pazona is Featured on NBC Affiliate Network WFMJ to Discuss What Steps To Take After Kidney Cancer

“Whenever you hear what I call ‘the C word’ or cancer, it's going to bring up a lot of emotions,” says Dr. Pazona. “It's important to address these emotions and make sure you verbalize them to your loved ones and whoever else is in your support system.”